Sew Over It Stitch School Basic Monthly Subscription

£5.00 / month

A Basic Stitch School subscription gives you access to all of our tutorials plus the Intro to Sewing masterclass and the Hebden T-Shirt workshop.

If you’re buying this subscription as a gift then please select the ‘This is a gift’ tick box and enter the recipient’s email address. When you checkout, the recipient will be sent an email about their new subscription. Both you and the recipient will have access to the details of the subscription and will be able to cancel or change the subscription.


This is a monthly subscription that will renew monthly using the same payment details that it was purchased with. If you would like to gift a subscription of more than one month then simply check out with one subscription in your basket and change the payment details or cancel the subscription in the ‘Stitch School Subscription’ section of your account when you are ready. For example, to gift a four month subscription checkout with one quantity in your basket and then change your payment details or cancel the subscription in the third month of the subscription, prior to the fourth renewal date.

Please note that this subscription has a three month minimum and cannot be cancelled within the first three months.

For more details and a full list of the classes included in the subscription read our Stitch School FAQs.

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