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Sew Over It - Annie Blouse Workshiop

Annie is a stylish woven blouse pattern with long sleeves and a pretty shirred neckline detail. Make her as an everyday staple in a solid colour or create something special by pairing Annie with a vibrant print.

Join Lisa in this free Stitch School workshop as she takes you through the whole process of sewing up our Annie Blouse, sharing all her hints and tips along the way.

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We add at least two new tutorials to Stitch School every month. We’ll be covering fun Pattern Hacks, informative techniques, answering your fitting queries and much more! You’ll get access to all of our tutorials with either of Stitch School’s subscription levels.

A close up of Cat wearing a blue Zoe Dress, whilst laughing

In this tutorial Becca talks you through all the things you might want to think about if you’re changing the shape of a neckline in either a woven or knit garment.

As well as talking through the considerations of changing a neckline, Becca also shows an example of both raising and lowering a neckline and what to do if your new neckline doesn’t fit quite as well as you’d like.

Our Aida Dress is the quintessential cute tea dress with gathers under the bust and a neat panelled skirt. There are two sleeve versions, an everyday classic straight sleeve or you can go for a bit of drama with sleeve number two, complete with a gentle puff at the shoulder and a shirred cuff.

In this tutorial Alma talks you through everything you need to do to get the perfect shirred cuffs on your Aida Dress. The key is practise!

Shortening or lengthening a pattern, most likely a bodice, is a really easy way to modify a pattern to better suit your shape. It’s a really easy alteration to make and one that’ll come as second nature once you’ve done it a few times!

In this tutorial, Layla shows you how to shorten & lengthen a bodice with darts in it (although it’ll work perfectly well if you don’t have darts too!), and there’s also a bonus video on what to do if your pattern doesn’t feature a shorten/lengthen line to begin with!


Stitch School will bring you at least six new online classes every year, whether it’s a quicker Workshop with a guided sewalong to help you sew your pattern up or an in-depth Masterclass complete with detailed downloadable guides and top tips, you’ll never be short of inspiration for what to sew. All of our online classes are free to our Premium subscribers.

Learn to draft a trouser block from your own custom measurements in our new Stitch School masterclass

The best way to get the perfect fit on a pair of me-made trousers is to draft the pattern yourself. It’s not as hard as you might think! By the end of the class you will have created a perfectly-fitting trouser block that you can make into a simple pair of trousers as is, or customise in so many different ways.

Using Becca, Rosie & Layla, we’ll show you the process with three different body shapes so you’ll be able to see how the result works for everyone!

Sew Over It - Jeans Class

Learn to sew an ultimate pair of jeans that fit you to perfection with our online sewing masterclass. With three different styles to choose between, in this class you’ll tackle our Ultimate Jeans sewing pattern with our pro teacher Becca by your side.

With over 4.5 hours and 60 individual lessons you’ll come away with a raft of new sewing skills including how to get the perfect topstitching, how to apply rivets and buttons, how to insert a classic zip fly and what to do if your sewing machine doesn’t want to cooperate with bulky denim!

Intro to overlocking

Want to be best friends with your overlocker but don’t know where to start? Well we have the course for you!

We’re bringing you one of our most loved London classes right into your home. We’ve taught hundreds of people to get comfortable with their overlocker and now we’re bringing it direct to your sewing room!

Intro to Overlocking is a skills based course that focuses on getting the most out of your overlocker. We start with the basics, covering everything from how to clean and thread your overlocker (the easy and the hard way!) to how to do some swanky hem finishes that’ll really level up your sewing.


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Live Q&A’s

Join us in our live Q&A sessions to quiz the Sew Over It team on all things Stitch School. Send in any questions you might have to [email protected] or through the Facebook group.

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On the last Friday of every month we deep dive into one of your fitting questions. Email in your questions to [email protected] and we’ll get to work on finding the best answers for your queries!

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