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Sew Over It - Ruby Skirt Workshop

The Ruby Skirt features buttons down the front, roomy patch pockets and a wide waistband which is elasticated at the back and flat at the front. The elastic makes Ruby easy to fit and comfortable to wear, whilst the flat front makes her very flattering.

Join Rosie in this free Stitch School workshop as she takes you through the whole process of sewing up our Ruby Skirt, sharing all her hints and tips along the way.

The Ruby Skirt is a PDF Pattern available for free to all our newsletter subscribers. Sign up today to receive your personal download link and then try out the Ruby Skirt workshop to get a taste of Stitch School!


We add at least two new tutorials to Stitch School every month. We’ll be covering fun Pattern Hacks, informative techniques, answering your fitting queries and much more! You’ll get access to all of our tutorials with either of Stitch School’s subscription levels.

Sometimes you might find a pattern that’s not available in your size range. If you’re only a couple of sizes outside of the provided size range then there is a technique that you can use to grade the pattern yourself and make your very own pattern

The Grocery Bag is a great project for Confident Beginners and beyond. You’ll practice your measuring and pressing skills and also learn how to create faux mitred corners.

If you’re sewing the Grocery Bag and haven’t come across a faux mitred corner before then watch this tutorial to demystify the situation.

Sewing a collar & collar stand can seem like a rite of passage in levelling up your sewing, but can be a little bit daunting too. In this tutorial we’ve brought you an excerpt of our Intro to Sewing Shirts online masterclass, focusing on the collar of the Ultimate Shirt.


Stitch School will bring you at least six new online classes every year, whether it’s a quicker Workshop with a guided sewalong to help you sew your pattern up or an in-depth Masterclass complete with detailed downloadable guides and top tips, you’ll never be short of inspiration for what to sew. All of our online classes are free to our Premium subscribers.

This new Workshop is all about sleeves! In the beginning of what will be a series of Workshops, we begin our deep dive into sleeves. First focusing on the changes you can make to a bodice to make it sleeve/sleeveless and then looking at how you can make almost any sleeve work with any bodice so you can start making your own dream pattern combos.

Sew Over It - Jeans Class

Learn to sew an ultimate pair of jeans that fit you to perfection with our online sewing masterclass. With three different styles to choose between, in this class you’ll tackle our Ultimate Jeans sewing pattern with our pro teacher Becca by your side.

With over 4.5 hours and 60 individual lessons you’ll come away with a raft of new sewing skills including how to get the perfect topstitching, how to apply rivets and buttons, how to insert a classic zip fly and what to do if your sewing machine doesn’t want to cooperate with bulky denim!

One of our most-loved in person classes has finally made it’s way onto Stitch School: learn how to clone your clothes!

In this Masterclass, Sasha takes you through the principles of making patterns from your own clothes. You’ll learn how to copy basic shapes, how to incorporate details such as darts, collars & facings, and how to properly finish your patterns so you become the pattern cutter!


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