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We're very proud Stitch School here at Sew Over It. It's a really unique sewing resource we've created and improved over the years that has been essential for so many of our customers.

If you're not sure what it's all about, read on to discover everything our online sewing classes have to offer.

Stitch School brings the Sew Over It classroom to your home. With over 200 classes for you to follow online, it’s a great place to learn anything from your first stitch to advanced techniques that will further your sewing skills.

You can buy some of our Stitch School classes individually - this is a great way to try them out and see how you get on with them - but the best way to enjoy this platform is with a Subscription. We offer a Basic subscription for just £5 a month, and a Premium subscriptions for just £15 a month, or go all in and save even more with an Annual Premium Subscription!

A Premium Subscription will grant you access to all our entire back catalogue of classes on Stitch School and we add new content every month, so this is a subscription definitely worth keeping!

Stitch School Subscription

Our classes are divided into three categories: Tutorials, Workshops and Masterclasses.

Tutorials range from the fundamentals you need as a beginner sewist, to more elaborate dressmaking techniques. Explore the sections below to find tons of useful ones, no matter your sewing level!

Beginner Sewing

Dressmaking Techniques

Fitting & Alterations

Pattern Hacks


Zips & Fastenings

Pattern Tutorials


With our Workshops you'll be making a great project from start to finish. Our expert teachers will show you how to create a wonderful me-made! Workshops include the relevant PDF patterns and instruction booklet in addition to the video class. Explore our Workshops here.

Deep-dive into some serious sewing, fitting and drafting with our meaty Masterclasses. Whether you want to make a coat, learn how to fit trousers, sew your very first dress or learn some pattern drafting, a Stitch School Masterclass is a full course designed to take you through all the steps involved in a new project – from choosing your fabric to putting the final stitches on the hem. In each Masterclass you will hone your skills and learn our best professional tricks. Plus, many of our Masterclasses include one or more PDF patterns and instruction booklets, in addition to the video class. Find all our Masterclasses here.

Below is a list of the PDF patterns you will have access to with the different Stitch School subscriptions.

PDF patterns currently included with a Basic Subscription:
  • Hebden T-Shirt
  • Ultimate Pyjamas
  • Cushion Cover
  • Toiletries Bag

PDF patterns currently included with a Premium Subscription:

  • Whitley Top
  • Bilberry T-Shirt
  • Alderley Top
  • Haxby Skirt
  • Hebden T-Shirt
  • Kingsly Top
  • Huby Leggings
  • Sidbury Slip
  • Weekend Bag
  • Drew Hoodie
  • Ellis Joggers
  • Ava Skirt
  • Full Circle Skirt
  • Ultimate Shift Dress
  • Francine Jacket
  • Cushion Cover
  • Toiletries Bag
  • Ultimate Pyjamas
  • Carrie Trousers
  • Ultimate Trousers
  • Nina Trousers
  • Cigarette Pants
  • Grace Dress
  • Emma Dress
  • Alice Top
  • Chloe Coat
  • Ultimate Shirt
  • Hackney Shirt
  • Piped Floor Cushion
  • Ultimate Jeans
  • Zahra Swimsuit & Bikini
  • Cassie Dress
  • Dorothy Jacket Hood Add-On Pack
  • City Set Bag Collection
  • Giselle Dress
  • Imogen Pyjamas

Give Stitch School a try with our FREE Classes, we know you're going to love it!

If you have any further questions, check out our Stitch School Frequently Asked Questions page or drop us an email and we'll be happy to help.

Will you join us over on Stitch School and take your sewing to the next level?

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