Where are my instructions?

If you have purchased a PDF pattern, or a PDF pattern plus A0 printed pattern then you’ll find your instructions in the Downloads section of your account.

If you are looking for the Annie Blouse or the Ruby Skirt instructions & pattern files you can find these in your newsletter welcome email.

Why aren't there printed instructions with my A0 printed pattern?

An A0 printed pattern is different from a traditional paper pattern. It is a service that we provide to print PDF patterns on large sheets so that you don’t have to stick together the pattern on smaller A4 or US letter paper. You will be sent a digital PDF pattern, and can choose to add on the printing of the pattern pieces on A0 paper. We don’t print the instruction booklets unless it is specifically noted on the product page. 

You can find all your instructions and pattern files in your account on this website.  Make sure you are logged in, then click on the ‘My Account and Downloads’ button in the top centre of the yellow header bar. This will prompt you to log in, and then you'll be able to access all of your digital files in your account.

The instructions come in a digital file which you can read straight from a laptop, phone or tablet, or if you prefer, you can print them out on a home printer.

What is the seam allowance on Sew Over It patterns?

The seam allowance on Sew Over It dressmaking patterns is 1.5cm unless directly stated in the instructions.

The seam allowance on Poppy & Jazz patterns (our children’s range) is 1cm unless directly stated in the instructions.

Seam allowance is already included in all Sew Over It patterns.

Is seam allowance included in Sew Over It patterns?

Seam allowance is already included in all Sew Over It and Poppy & Jazz patterns. There is no need to add anything extra.

Where can I find my Stitch School patterns?

You can find your Stitch School patterns & downloads in each individual class, in the PDF Patterns & Instructions lesson.

The easiest way to find a class is by using the search bar, or the filtering system on this page.

How many times can I download my PDF pattern?

You have unlimited access to your PDF pattern once you have bought it. You can download it as many times as you like and will be able to access it forever.

If for any reason your PDF pattern isn’t showing in your account then please get in touch with us on and we’ll reinstate it for you.

Please note, if you have a subscription to Stitch School then your access to the PDF patterns included in Stitch School will remain as long as your subscription is active.

If you want to make sure you always have your pattern files close by then you can always download your patterns and keep on a hard drive or you computer.

Can I request a print out of a PDF pattern after I've bought it?

Yes, if you would like us to print your pattern on A0 paper then you can ask us to do so at any time. Use our copyshop printing service here.

You’ll need the following information to hand:
– your original order number from when you bought the pattern
– the name of the pattern you want us to print (we only print Sew Over It patterns)
– the size range that you’d like us to print

Can I have an A0 printed pattern without buying the digital PDF copy?

No, our copyshop printing service is just a printing service. When you pay for copyshop printing you are only paying for the paper & ink and not for all the work that has gone into producing the pattern in the first place.

If you place a copyshop printing order without first buying the digital PDF pattern then your order will not be processed, and your payment will be refunded.

Why don't the links in my confirmation email from an old order work?

When we’ve made big changes to our website, one of the downsides is that if a link has been sent out from our website to something specific (such as to a pattern file), then this link might have changed on the new site. As every single pattern file issued to every customer has a unique download link it’s not feasible for us to track and change every link that has broken. However, it is completely solvable.

If the links in your confirmation email aren’t working then the first place to look for your pattern files is in your account on our website. If your pattern also isn’t showing there then please get in touch with us on, with details of the pattern that is missing.

We have a record of all the purchases that have ever been made at Sew Over It, so we will be able to find your pattern and reinstate it into your account.

How do I print my A4 or US Letter paper pattern at 100% scale?

Most home printers automatically scale their printing to fit the paper which is usually around 90-95% however it is very important if you are printing your sewing pattern at home that the scale is set to 100% as this means all the measurements that the pattern is drafted to will be correct.

Follow this tutorial to ensure that you are printing your pattern correctly.

Do Sew Over It patterns have layers?

We began adding layers into our patterns in May 2021. This means that everything released from that point onwards is layered. We are working through our catalogue of patterns to add in layers to them all, but as we have approximately 200 patterns, this is a big job!

If you’d like to know if a pattern has layers, look in the description on the pattern product page. Every pattern product has a section to let you know whether or not the files have been layered yet.

How do I use a layered pattern?

We are currently introducing layered patterns into our collection. To find out more about layered patterns and how they work then head over to our blog post.

Can Sew Over It pattern files be used with projectors?

Although we don’t currently produce files specifically for projectors, many customers have informed us that our layered A0 files can be used for this purpose.

Why can't I get a particular pattern in a traditional printed form?

Unfortunately the cost of producing printed patterns is too great to allow us to include our entire pattern range in a traditional printed form.

What size ranges do Sew Over It patterns cater for?

We currently have two size ranges in our main dressmaking collection. We originally produced patterns in sizes 8-20 (26-38″ waist), however since January 2020 all of our new patterns have been released in sizes 6-30 (24-50″ waist). This means that all of our newer patterns are available in sizes 6-30, however some of our older patterns are only available in size 8-20. We are actively working through this range to increase the sizes that they are available in.

You can filter our patterns by size range in our main product catalogue.

What height and bust size are Sew Over It drafted for?

Our patterns are drafted for a height of 5’6″

Patterns in our 8-20 or 6-20 size ranges are based on a dressmakers B cup (2″ difference between the full and upper bust measurement) and patterns in our 18-30 size range are drafted for a dressmakers D cup (4″ difference in full and upper bust measurement).

Why is there a crossover in the 6-20 and 18-30 size ranges?

Patterns in our 6-20 size ranges are based on a dressmakers B cup (2″ difference between the full and upper bust measurement) and patterns in our 18-30 size range are drafted for a dressmakers D cup (4″ difference in full and upper bust measurement).

This means that an 18 & 20 in the 6-20 size range will be a slightly different shape than the 18 & 20 in the 18-30 size range. If you have the option to choose from both size ranges it’s important to consider all of your measurements and not just your bust. For example, if you have a larger bust (D+) but actually the rest of your measurements fit better in the 6-20 range then it will be much easier to choose a smaller size and add in some space for your bust (using a full bust adjustment for example) rather than choosing a size from the 18-30 range and having to alter everything apart from your bust.