Sewing Journeys Start Here - Intro to Sewing on Stitch School!


We're thrilled to introduce you to our online Intro to Sewing class on Stitch School!

In this course we start at the very beginning. The first step is threading the sewing machine. Then we build your skills with our three tailor-made projects.

We start with an envelope back cushion: this project gets you feeling comfortable cutting your fabric and getting started on the machine, then gives you something gorgeous to pop on your sofa. Sew satisfying.

We then take things up a notch with our lined travel pouch. In this section we'll teach you how to insert your very first zip. But don't worry - we make it easy, promise!

Finally, there's a chance to take your very first steps into dressmaking
with a super cute pair of pyjama shorts. (These make perfect pressies.)

Over our 10-year+ history we've taught almost 100,000 people new sewing skills.
Start your own sewing journey with our friendly teaching and gentle pace,
all from the comfort of your own home.

In this course you will learn about:

    • threading the sewing machine
    • selecting the right fabric for your project
    • how to use a sewing pattern
    • cutting your fabric
    • sewing a straight line
    • understanding seam allowance
    • using a zigzag stitch to stop the fabric from fraying
    • inserting a standard zip

    • how to sew elastic into a waistband

...and lots more!

Buy this class individually (to keep forever!) here, or access for free with a
Stitch School Premium Subscription.

If you’re already familiar with a sewing machine and would like to
start making some beautiful clothes, our Intro to Dressmaking course is made for you.

Already a sewing pro? Share these classes with that friend who’s always wanted to have a go. Better still, get them a voucher to put towards an online class and kickstart their sewing journey!
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