Salma Dress Pattern Hack ✂️

Salma Dress Jumper Hack!

The Salma Dress is a classic jersey shift dress, perfect for feeling super comfy and little bit dressy all at the same time!

But what if dresses aren’t your thing, or if you fancy sewing up a cosy jumper, we've got you covered with a Salma Dress pattern hack!

In our Stitch School Tutorial, Lisa shows you how to adapt your Salma Dress pattern into a boxy jumper (although still with darts to keep a little of Salma’s lovely shaping), complete with a side slit and stepped hem.

You will learn all about...
    • How to turn your Salma Dress into a boxy cropped jumper
    • How to add a stepped hem and a split to your new pattern
Excited to get started?

If you're already a Stitch School Subscriber, you will find the tutorial already linked in your account. Otherwise, you can buy the Tutorial here.
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