Get the right fit for the Ultimate Trousers

There's nothing worse than finishing a new garment only to find the fit is any less than perfect! Today we're looking at the fit of the Ultimate Trousers in a fitting session with our resident expert Julie!

Master everything you need to know about fitting in our Stitch School class, Fitting with Julie: Ultimate Trousers.

Julie will take you through the fitting queries that Lisa and Rosie have with their Ultimate Trousers toiles.

Following the discussion both Lisa and Rosie demonstrate just how they made the pattern adjustments to their original patterns.

You will learn all about...
    • Fitting on different body shapes
    • Lots of Julie's fitting secrets
    • Common fitting issues with the Ultimate Trousers

    • How to work on a toile and transfer alternations to paper

Itching to get started?

If you're a Stitch School Subscriber, you will find the class already in your account!

You can also buy the class as a one-off here.
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