Five must-have trouser patterns from beginner designs to jeans

Sewing trousers can feel intimidating, but with the step-by-step instructions from our patterns and extra support on Stitch School, our online sewing classroom, there's no need to be scared! Once you've made your first pair and got them to fit right, you won't want to stop!

Trousers are a true wardrobe staple, whatever the weather, and here are five of our favourite patterns:

Carrie Trousers

The Carrie Trousers are loose-fitting through the leg and have an elasticated waistband. We think of them as elevated jogging trousers. Thanks to their simple construction, they are a great make for trouser-making newbies. Trust us, once they are on, you won't want to wear anything else! Everything you need to fit and sew a perfect pair of Carries is covered in our Ultimate Guide to Sewing and Fitting Trousers masterclass on Stitch School, which also includes the Ultimate Trousers PDF pattern. Sizes UK 6-30.

You might think that trousers aren't a quick make, but our Ultimate Trousers can be whipped up in just a few hours. These slim-fitting, ankle-grazing trousers are a timeless silhouette and are a must if it's your first time sewing trousers. To really nail this pattern, have a look at the Ultimate Guide to Sewing and Fitting Trousers masterclass on Stitch School, which includes a detailed look at this pattern, as well as the Carrie Trousers. Sizes UK 6-30.

Peggy Trousers

If you're looking to take your trouser construction skills to the next level, the Peggy Trousers are the pattern for you. The timeless paper-bag style waist is a statement look, especially with a t-shirt (we love our Lucy) or blouse (Anderson is our go-to) tucked in. And if you're questioning their comfort levels, don't worry, the Peggy Trousers have an elasticated waistband that makes them suitable for lounging. Sizes UK 6-30.
Fancy adding some slanted pockets to your Peggy Trousers? Follow our Stitch School Tutorial

Nina Trousers

Swish about with the wonderfully wide-legged Nina Trousers. These high-waisted trousers draw on a vintage style, but paired with a cute cropped jumper (like Roxy), they can feel fabulously contemporary too. The Nina Trousers, complete with pleats, in-seam pockets and optional welt pockets, are the perfect pattern for progressing your sewing skills. Sizes UK 8-20.
Dare to denim with the Ultimate Jeans! Making jeans is seen as a sewing milestone because of how complex they look. However, if you take it slow and approach the process step by step, we promise you can do it! The only jeans pattern you'll ever need, it comes with three different styles: cropped mum jeans, stylish flares or a standard straight leg. For extra help tackling this pattern, check out our Ultimate Guide to Sewing and Fitting Jeans masterclass on Stitch School. Sizes UK 6-30.

Have we convinced you to have a go at making trousers?
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