Five quick makes to take on holiday

If you’re like us, you love finishing a new make just in time to take it on holiday. There’s a great rush that comes from adding a new me-made to your suitcase. However, there’s a danger of aiming a bit too high (last-minute swimsuit anyone?) and adding sewing stress to the pre-holiday preparations.

So today, we bring you five sewing pattern ideas that will give you that satisfying feeling of packing something fresh off the sewing machine, while being manageable projects. All these patterns are aimed at absolute or confident beginners and if you’re a more experienced sewer, you’ll make them up in just a few hours!

Drawstring Bag

Sew Over It - Drawstring Bag
Let’s start with a really simple and practical pattern: a Drawstring Bag is a satisfying little make that can be a useful asset on your travels. You might want to pack some shoes in one, or take a spare bag to keep any dirty laundry separate in your luggage on the way back. Drawstring bags are also the perfect stash buster: you can use up some cotton remnants and any ribbon you might have lying around.

Toiletries Bag

Sew Over It - Toiletries Bag
Who doesn’t need a Toiletries Bag on holiday? The satisfaction of having one you’ve made yourself is priceless and is sure to put a smile on your face when you get to your location and start unpacking!Use up some cotton fabric and a regular zip from your stash to make up this super useful bag!


Sew Over It - Headscarf

We’re taking things up a notch with a sewing pattern for an item you can wear and show off on holiday. Our Headscarf is a quick project with a nod to the 1970s. Inspired by the ones worn by Monique in the BBC series The Serpent, it’s a handy accessory to style that second-day hair on your trip! Featuring long ties and a hidden covered elastic to keep it fitting snugly on your head, this Headscarf is a great addition to any outfit.
Make it in leftover fabric to match one of your handmade garments and watch our Lunchtime Sew on Instagram for a quick tutorial!

Silk Cami

Sew Over It - Silk Cami
Our Silk Cami is a great sewing pattern for a last-minute top to take on holiday. Really simple to sew, with no darts or fastenings, this cami is beautifully finished with French seams on the inside, a technique that’s easier than you think and adds a really special touch. Read our Sewalong Guide if you're not familiar with the process. This Cami looks fantastic in silk, of course, as well as viscose. If you want to avoid slippery fabrics for a smooth-sailing sewing project, make it in a cotton lawn. You can wear your me-made Cami over jeans or tucked into high-waisted skirts and trousers for instant chic-ness.
This sewing pattern is available as a PDF in sizes UK 8-20.

Sylvia Robe

Sew Over It - Sylvia Robe
Although it looks impressive, our Sylvia Robe is still a quick and simple garment to make in time for a trip. The longer version especially, with its 1920s glamour, is perfect to lounge around your Airbnb in, or as a fabulous extra layer over a t-shirt and jeans to explore the city sights.If you’re heading somewhere hot, Sylvia makes for a great beach cover-up, so you can stay out of the sun in style! This sewing pattern is available as a PDF in sizes UK 6-30.

We hope you've been inspired by our last-minute project suggestions. If you're a really fast sewer, you might even manage to make two or three of these sewing patterns in time for your trip. Make sure you tag us in your pictures on Instagram so we can see which items made it into your suitcase!
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