Sew Over It is on Pinterest!

We don't know about you but we've been known to lose an hour (or three) on Pinterest, gathering inspiration and researching our favourite fashion trends. And we share lots of our own ideas on there too!
We've been gathering makes and looks into boards, to give you lots to uncover and enjoy. Here's a little update for you.

Autumn Wardrobe Essentials

Suraya Jacket sewing pattern - Sew Over It
A new season means a new excuse to revitalise our wardrobes. We've pulled together some of our favourite autumnal makes that we'll be digging out or making this season. It looks like our sewing machines are going to be busy for a bit!

Must-Have Vintage-style Makes

Pussy Bow Blouse :: Sewing pattern by Sew Over It
We love a vintage look, and by now we have a fair few patterns inspired by trends of old. We've pulled together the pieces we'd make if we were making a vintage capsule wardrobe. There are a lot of dresses, but we've got other items of clothing covered too and there will definitely be more to come, so watch this board...

Christmas Ideas

Okay, we know that we're a little early on this one but Pinterest is for planners and we couldn't help but start to think about what we'll be making and gifting this festive season. We'll keep adding to this board as the inspiration strikes, but if you're looking to get a few ticks on your Christmas shopping (or to-make) list, why not take a quick look.

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