Silk Cami Sewalong No. 5: Joining the Straps and Hemming

The final ssewalong to finish your cami, so let's get down to business shall we?

Attaching the straps

So you've sewn the facing to the cami and now your neckline and armhole are beautifully finished. All we need to do now is attach the straps together.

First thing's first, let's give those straps a lovely press. You want the seam sitting right on the very edge of the straps so take your time getting it just right.


Then turn the cami inside out.

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Take the front shoulder strap and feed it into the back shoulder strap on the same side. Make extra sure you're feeding it into the right strap and that there are no twists or turns or you might find you're making quite the fashion statement.


Ooh hello!


The straps will be right sides together on the inside.


At the top of the straps, with one inside the other, align the raw edges and the side seams.


When the edges are perfectly matched up, pin them together.


Sew this seam with a 1.5cm seam allowance.


Then trim the seam allowance down to 0.5cm. Because nobody, not nobody, wants a bulky shoulder.

Now you should be able to pull the straps the right way out, and voila! They're attached. And look at that mighty nice finish.

Now that you've got the facing attached you might like to catch stitch the seam allowance of the facing to the seam allowance of the cami.


It will keep it extra securely in place.

And now, what do you know, we've just got one last job. And it's everyone's favourite: hemming...

Hemming your cami


Now you can choose to hem to cami any which way you like. You might like, as we have done, to overlock (or zigzag) the raw edge, before turning it up by 1cm and securing with a nice edge stitch.


Alternatively you might prefer to do a narrow double fold hem that completely encases all the raw edges. Up to you!

Once your cami is hemmed using your preferred method, that's it, you're done.


Now get that cami on, grab yourself a cocktail and bask smuggly in your new make. You deserve it!



And those lovely innards...



If you have made the Silk Cami we'd love to see! Send us your pics via email, or Facebook, tweet or Instagram them. We'd love to fill up our Silk Cami Pinterest board with loads of lovely shiny camis.
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