Ultimate Trousers Sewalong No. 8: Hemming Your Trousers

Who's excited to get their trousers finished? If you're desperate to get them on we've just got a couple of simple steps left. Let's get going!

First thing's first, you need to decide how long you want your trousers to be. Try them on, and get someone to pin them up to your preferred length.

We're making a double fold hem, so press the hem up once by 1cm, and then press it up again until you reach your desired leg length.


Remember this measurement so that you can turn up the second leg by the same amount!


Pin them hem in place, and edgestitch it in place all the way around. You might like to use a slightly longer stitch length for this than you would for normal seams. Around 3mm tends to work well for hems.


Repeat this process for the other leg and voila! Easy peasy, they're done!


A big well done if you've got to the end. We would absolutely LOVE to see your finished pair of trousers - send us a picture and we'll add you to our Pinterest board!
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