Intro to commercial sewing patterns

This session aims to take the beginner sewer towards being a confident dressmaker by explaining and demystifying the sometimes daunting world of commercial sewing patterns. By the end of the session you will understand sewing patterns cryptic language and know how to use them. This is not a practical sewing pattern cutting class, it is a discussion with demonstrations about everything you need to know to begin working with sewing patterns at home or at a sewing class.

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Topics covered...

Finding your size

What to do if your measurements span two or more dress sizes

Making simple changes if you are taller/shorter or have a long torso/short torso

Understanding the sizing differences between vintage and modern sewing patterns

Selecting appropriate fabric for your pattern

Positioning the pattern pieces onto the fabric

What all the symbols mean and what to do about them

Transferring the markings onto the fabric

You will be given a printed handout to take home with a lot of the information that will be covered as a reminder, plus lots of links to helpful websites.

Tea and cake will be provided to help the sewing process along!

Level: 3

Class length: 2 hours

Materials required: None

Max in class: 8

Teacher: Zoe Edwards

Price: £40


We don't currently have any dates planned for this course. If you are interested in booking a place please email


What is a Sewing Pattern?

A pattern in sewing and fashion design is the paper or cardboard template from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before cutting out and assembling (sometimes called paper patterns).

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