Mini class: hems

Hemming 530

We have hems on everything we wear - sewing a hem is a much needed skill in life! And depending on what you want to hem, there are a few different ways to do them.

In this class you will learn two different ways of hemming jeans, both keeping the original hem as well as hemming from scratch. We will also show you how to hem using a handstitch which is great for tailored trousers and skirts where you don't want a visible hem.

If you would like to bring something in that you want to hem we will show you the steps to measure, cut and prepare your hem.

Tea and cake will be provided to help the sewing process along!

Level: 2

Class Length: One 2 hour session

Materials required: None

Max in a class: 10

Teacher: Freia Groves, Lisa Comfort and Dominique Davant

Price: £38

Clapham dates:

Check back soon for more dates!
Islington dates:

Session: Tuesday 19th May, 18:30-20:30, Book Now
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