Pop Up Classes - Covid Policy

We're really excited to be able to meet some of our lovely Sew Over It community in person again with our exclusive Pop Up Classes!

To make sure that we're all feeling comfortable and are staying safe we've put together the guidelines below:

Class size

Due to government guidelines all classes are restricted to six students. If/when this guideline is lifted the maximum class size will be eight

What we need you to do:

All students are required to have a temperature check on arrival, if you have a temperature you will not be able to join in the class.

All students are required to sanitise hands on arrival

All students are required to wear a mask throughout the class

What we will do:

All teachers & staff will have a temperature check and regularly sanitise their hands.

All teachers & staff will wear a mask throughout the class.

We will give each student their own set of equipment for their sole use in the class. This equipment will be sanitised before each session.

Before and after each class, the teaching area will be fully disinfected.

Hand sanitiser will be available for use.

The toilet will be cleaned prior to the class

The teacher will provide hot drinks and refreshments from our kitchen.

Additional information

Social distancing may not be possible at all times throughout the class, especially during fittings or demonstrations.

You must let us know if you are feeling unwell before the workshop, we will aim to arrange for you to join another class but please be aware that this may not be possible.

We want everyone that joins one of our classes to have a welcoming and informative time with Sew Over It and we'll do our best to make sure that these guidelines don't impact your experience. Please be respectful of those in your class so that everyone can enjoy the class as much as possible.

If you have any concerns or questions about the above, please email us on info@sewoverit.com
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