Stitch School is a video based online learning platform with over 150 classes. You can either subscribe to Stitch School, which works out as the best value, or buy classes individually.

When you subscribe to Stitch School you automatically get access to all of the content on your level of subscription which includes videos, PDF patterns and other downloadable guides.

You can browse all of the content on Stitch School here before you commit to a subscription here. Or look at the list of classes available further down this page.

There are two types of Stitch School subscription; Basic (£5pm) & Premium (£15pm).

In the Basic subscription you gain access to all of our Tutorials; shorter videos that focus on techniques to improve your sewing, quick pattern hacks or fitting issues. There are currently over 130 Tutorials on Stitch School and you can find the list of classes below.

In the Premium subscription you will have access to all of our Tutorials and also our Workshops & Masterclasses (grouped together as Online Classes). Our Workshops are detailed guided sewalongs for a particular pattern, focusing on construction and sewing techniques. Each Workshop comes with a free PDF pattern. Masterclasses are a deep dive into a particular garment or technique. They are in-depth and come with lots of downloadable materials, patterns & video guides. The Premium subscription includes over 150 classes, the list of which you can see below.

There is a minimum sign up period of three months for any Stitch School subscription. You do not pay this three month cost up front, but your subscription will continue for a three month minimum.

If you cancel your subscription within the first three months, your subscription will remain active and you will be charged until the end of your third month. You will not be charged in your fourth month and your access to Stitch School will then end.

You can cancel your subscription by heading to the ‘Stitch School Subscription’ area in ‘My Account’. Click on the black ‘Cancel Subscription’ button to cancel your subscription.

Once you’ve cancelled your subscription you will still have access to Stitch School until the date of what would have been your next renewal payment, or until the end of your three month period if you have only just joined Stitch School.

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription by clicking on the ‘Change My Subscription’ button in the ‘Stitch School Subscription’ area in your account. Or by clicking here and following the instructions.

If you are a Basic subscriber moving to a Premium subscription you will be charged pro rata for a Premium subscription (£15 pm) for the days remaining until your renewal date and your access to Premium subscription content will begin as soon as you have gone through the checkout. On your next renewal date you will charged for a Premium subscription (£15).

If you are a Premium subscriber moving to a Basic subscription then your Premium access will continue until your next renewal date. On that next renewal date you will be charged for a Basic subscription and will only have access to Basic content following that date.

We aim to add at least two new Tutorials to Stitch School every month – although there’s often more than this! We aim to add new Online Classes every other month, with a total of six every year. We also have periodic live events and online parties for our Stitch School community.

You can access the content on Stitch School a few different ways:

  • In ‘Stitch School Classes’ in your account you will find a list of all of the classes you have access too. You may need to click on the ‘All’ button to see them.
  • You can view all of the classes on Stitch School here, and use the following links to view the individual types of classes:

You can watch (and re-watch!) your Stitch School classes for as long as your subscription is active. When your subscription ends you will no longer have access to the classes.

If you buy a class outright (not with a subscription), then you will have access to the class forever and will never lose access.

You will have access to the PDF patterns on Stitch School for as long as your subscription is active. When your subscription ends you will no longer have access to the classes.

If you buy a class outright (not with a subscription), then you will have access to the patterns forever and will never lose access.

The following patterns are included in the Premium Stitch School subscription:

The PDF patterns included with Workshops are:

  • Whitley Top (sizes 6-20)
  • Bilberry T-Shirt (sizes 6-20)
  • Alderley Top (sizes 6-20)
  • Haxby Skirt (sizes 6-20)
  • Hebden T-Shirt (sizes 6-20/XS-XXL)
  • Kinglsy Top (sizes 6-30)
  • Huby Leggings (sizes 6-30)
  • Sidbury Slip (sizes 6-30)
  • Weekend Bag (one size)
  • Drew Hoodie (sizes 6-30)
  • Piped Floor Cushion
  • Ellis Joggers (sizes 6-30)
  • Cassie Dress (sizes 6-30)

The PDF patterns included with Masterclasses are:

  • Ava Skirt (sizes 6-30)
  • Full Circle Skirt (sizes 6-30)
  • Ultimate Shift Dress (sizes 6-30)
  • Francine Jacket (sizes 6-20)
  • Cushion Cover (one size)
  • Toiletries Bag (one size)
  • Ultimate Pyjamas (sizes 6-30)
  • Carrie Trousers (sizes 6-30)
  • Ultimate Trousers (sizes 6-20)
  • Nina Trousers (sizes 6-20)
  • Cigarette Pants (sizes 6-20)
  • Grace Dress (sizes 6-20)
  • Emma Dress (sizes 6-30)
  • Alice Top (sizes 6-20)
  • Chloe Coat (sizes 6-20)
  • Ultimate Shirt (sizes 6-20)
  • Hackney Shirt (sizes XS-XXL)
  • Ultimate Jeans (sizes 6-30)
  • Zahra Swimsuit & Bikini (sizes 6-30)

All of the patterns included in Stitch School are downloadable PDF patterns. You can print them out at home or use a copyshop service to print them for you. The Sew Over It copyshop printing service can be found here. The patterns come in the following format:

  • A4 paper print at home pattern
  • US Letter paper print at home pattern
  • A0 copy shop pattern

Alongside your pattern files, you’ll also find downloadable instruction booklets and other Stitch School guides.

You can find your Stitch School patterns & downloads in two places. Either in the My Patterns tab in the ‘Stitch School Classes’ section of your account, or in the ‘PDF Patterns & Instructions’ lesson in each individual class.

If you have any issues with any aspect of Stitch School then please get in touch with us on [email protected] We’re all Stitch School experts behind the scenes and will do our best to solve your problem as soon as we can.



In our Basic Subscription you get access to all of our Tutorials, our Hebden T-Shirt Workshop and our Intro to Sewing Masterclass. All for just £5 per month.


In our Premium subscription you’ll have access to all of the tutorials detailed above, in addition to all of our online classes. There are two types of online class: our Workshops are detailed guided sew-alongs that come with a free downloadable PDF pattern and our Masterclasses are in-depth classes with our most experienced teachers, covering all things from garment construction and couture techniques to fitting and tricky alterations.

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If you’re looking to expand your sewing skills, you’ll get the best value for money with a Stitch School Subscription. New classes are added every month and as part of our community of Stitch School subscribers you’ll get exclusive access to our Stitch School Facebook Group, live Q&As and online events.

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