Sew Over It was born out of Lisa’s passion for sewing, and we honestly can’t think of a more relaxing and rewarding pastime. We know that there’s no one size fits all beginners pack, but wherever you are on your beginners journey we’re here to help you master new skills and produce fabulous me-made clothes and accessories.


The best way to learn to sew is… well… by sewing. Once you’ve got your sewing machine you’ll need to get it threaded and ready to use. Threading your machine may seem like a huge challenge, but once you know the simple steps you’ll be doing it like a pro in no time!


Woven fabrics are the easiest when you’re starting out as they have more stability so generally stay where you want them to be. Ideally use some fabric scraps or an old shirt and just get stuck in.

Play around with the different stitches and get the hang of moving around on the cloth and sewing some straight lines.

If you’ve got a printed pattern try stitching round the lines of the print or follow along the edge of a stripe. It’s like learning anything new – you’re trying to get a good feel for it at this stage.

Once you’ve mastered some stitching it’s time to try a pattern.

Our drawstring bag and 70s headscarf are a perfect place to start. Both of these patterns also come as kits, so all you’ll need to add is a matching thread.

Once you’ve finished your first make or two, which was probably zip free, you’ll be ready to sign up for our Intro to Sewing class.

With step by step instructions for three tailor-made projects, you’ll learn new skills and techniques and finish the course the proud owner of a one of a kind cushion cover, a lined toiletries bag and some super cute pyjama shorts.

Though there’s nothing quite like the thrill of a finished project you can make in an afternoon, if you’re the kind of crafter who wants to jump straight in to a bigger challenge, then our top picks would be the Ava Skirt, Ultimate Shift Dress or our Full Circle Skirt.

Sew Over It - Ava skirt

All of these makes can be stitched using woven cotton so take your pick from our round up of the best fabrics for beginners.

If you want a helping hand as you tackle your first me-made garment, then these three patterns can be bought as a Sew Over It Stitch School online class. With our Beginners Guide to Dressmaking masterclass you get the help of two great teachers to walk you through the process of sewing up your garments – something that is invaluable when you’re just starting out on your sewing journey.

Don’t forget to share your makes with our wonderful sewing community.

Signing up to our VIP Club gives you access to our exclusive facebook group where you can ask fellow makers for help and advice when you get stuck.

Happy Sewing!

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