Overlock with Confidence with Our Intro to Overlocking Class!

While many of us have an overlocker (or serger) at home, they can often still be a bit of a mystery!

Unlock the power of yours in our class on Stitch School: Intro to Overlocking!

Overlockers are primarily used to finish seams neatly to stop them from fraying, but did you know there's much more they can do?

In our class we'll show you everything from how to thread yours up, to how use it to sew whole garments!

You will learn all about...

Designed with the expert help of our teacher Layla, and taught by sewing whiz Becca, this is the ultimate one-stop-shop overlocking course.

Comprehensive and full of tips and tricks, Intro to Overlocking is your next step in levelling up your dressmaking. 


Ready to dive in?

Premium Stitch School Subscribers will find the course already in their accounts!

Our Intro to Overlocking class can also be purchased as a standalone class, giving you lifetime access!

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