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Today we're sharing a guest blog post by the wonderful Rosy of @rosysewsmodernvintage, one of our Pattern Insiders. Enjoy!

Sew Over It - Esma Dress

Body confidence – it’s the holy grail of achievements! We all wish we had it, but somehow it seems to elude so many of us, regardless of our dress size.
Whilst a lack of body confidence is something that many people, regardless of gender or body type, suffer with, if you are considered ‘plus size’ (according to the fashion industry, plus size equates to size 18 or larger), the desire to fit the fashion industry definition of average, can lead to a strong lack of confidence in your body.

Did you know that 25% of UK women are a dress size 18 or larger? That is nearly 8.5 million women! If all 8.5 million of us stood together in all our voluptuous plus size glory, I’m sure we would feel a lot less worried about our size. But sadly, the UK high street does not do much to cater to our curvy needs. And that, my friends, is where we sewists have a super power! We don’t need to conform to any fashion industry number. We are the creators of our own wardrobe and thus our clothing dreams can come true whatever number we see on the tape measure.

Not to put a dampener on this moment of glory, but as you and I both know, even the sewing industry has in the past been a bit on the sparse side when it comes to sewing patterns suited to the larger body. However, Sew Over It has been an incredible help! Not only do all their new release sewing patterns come in the extended size range of UK 6-30, they are also working through their previously released patterns. Currently there are over 70 patterns in the extended range, two Capsule Wardrobe eBooks, two beginner eBooks, and the number increases every year. Isn’t it great to know that us curvier girls are no longer unseen in the sewing community and that we can make beautiful clothes to fit our beautiful bodies?

Sew Over It - Audrey Top

Sew Over It - Georgie Dress

Sew Over It - Bonnie Dress


So, now that we can sew clothes that truly fit us, what else can we do to help increase our body confidence? Well, there are so many things that can help, but here are a few of my tried and tested techniques that I hope you’ll find helpful:
1. It is not necessary to LOVE your body in order to have body confidence. Perhaps Body Acceptance would be a better term, because feeling neutral about it can also be a great feeling. Despite what you may see in the mirror, our bodies have achieved amazing things. For example: they keep us alive every day. On bad days they carry us from our bed to the kitchen and on good days take us on fabulous adventures! They allow us to see gorgeous sunsets and feel the loving touch of a friend, smell a sweet rose and taste a delicious meal. They have even carried us through a global pandemic! How awesome is that!? So, balancing those positive thoughts about our bodies alongside what we see in the mirror can hopefully help us to begin seeing ourselves in a neutral way rather than a negative way.

2. Your worth as a human being is NOT determined by your weight or your dress size! Imagine if your good friend said that you would be so much of a better friend if you drop a dress size. Or that a trusted parent said they would be prouder of their child if they weighed 7lbs less! It's just not going to happen. Our value as a friend, child, parent or partner is in our actions, our values and many other things. In short, your kindness to others and generosity of spirit, matter a million times more than your body shape to those that love you.

3. Fill your Instagram and other social media feeds with people of a similar size to you. The images we see in the media profoundly affect our perception of what is ‘normal’ and acceptable. Since I started following more plus size/curvy people on Instagram, the more I see my body as normal!
I have been inspired by several Instagram accounts that have helped me while writing this blog post, so please do go and have a look at them for more inspirational body acceptance advice or plus size sewing ideas:
@alexlight_ldn @thespeckyseamstress @theladywholunches @curvysam @melodymae @simply_sewn_by_sam @essbdee @jennys_fat_and_happy_life @sheila.okelly

Sew Over It - 1960s Coat

Sew Over It - Marguerite Dress

Returning to the subject of Sew Over It’s fabulous improved size range, I am proud to say that I’ve made many of these patterns. As part of my work as a Pattern Insider, I receive access to them for free. So far I’ve made the Marguerite Dress, Bonnie Dress, Audrey Top, Georgie Dress, 1960s Coat, Nasima Jumpsuit and the Betty Dress.

Sew Over It - Betty Dress

Sew Over It - Nasima Jumpsuit

My most recent make, using beautiful pointelle jersey, is the Esma Dress. What a great pattern! I like the addition of a waistband, as it creates a nice shape that works well for people who might feel self-conscious of their tummy area. It’s a very straightforward pattern and the only slightly fiddly section is the pockets, but they are so cute, well worth the extra few minutes it takes to sew them.
Sew Over It - Esma Dress

So, in conclusion, I think it’s high time that we plus size beauties started to appreciate our wonderful bodies for everything they are! It’s not an easy transition to become accepting of your body. There will be times when it’s easier and times when it’s harder. But don’t let that stop you. Body acceptance is a gateway to a new freedom, where you can do things you never dreamt you’d do before. We owe it to ourselves!

Find Rosy on Instagram: @rosysewsmodernvintage

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