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Grace Dress A0 Printing

Grace Dress A0 Printing

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A0 Printing FAQs

What is A0 printing?

A0 printing is the future of sewing patterns! If you love the freedom of PDF patterns, but don’t like sticking A4 sheets of paper together, A0 printing is the answer.

Buy a PDF pattern, and we’ll print it on large, sturdy sheets of paper, fold it neatly and ship it to your door - no cutting and sticking required!

Do I have to buy the PDF pattern before I use this service?

Yes – or you need to have it in your basket in this transaction. This is because the cost of printing does not include the pattern. If you already own the pattern, have a look in your emails or your account on our website for your order number, and enter it in the box. If you don’t already own the pattern, add the PDF version to your basket in this same transaction. You must do one of these things so that we can verify you own the pattern.

I have bought a paper version of a pattern, not the PDF version. Can I still have this printed?

No, we can only print patterns that were bought as PDFs.

Do you print the instructions?

Instruction booklet printing is not included with A0 Printing but you can choose to add on a printed instruction booklet. Please note that this is printed on our office printer on A4 or A5, double sided paper. This option is not available for ebooks.

Instruction Booklet Printing

Can I have my Stitch School patterns printed?

Yes! If you have an active Stitch School subscription or you’ve purchased a class that includes a PDF Pattern, we can print the patterns for you.

If you have a subscription (and therefore no order number), write either “Premium subscription” or “Basic subscription” in the box instead.

We’ll need to verify your subscription by the email address you use at checkout, so if you plan to use a different email address from the one you took out your membership with, enter the email address associated with your Stitch School account in the box too.