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Intro to Pattern Hacking

Intro to Pattern Hacking

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We love a good pattern hack here at Sew Over It! Unlocking the power of 'hacking' aka altering a sewing pattern to add/remove details to change it's style, really opens up the possibilities of what you can create.

Taught by passionate pattern hackers, Layla and Rosie, our Intro to Pattern Hacking Masterclass will equip you with the skills and the confidence to try out some pattern hacking, and level up your sewing game. Using basic pattern drafting techniques, Layla & Rosie will walk you through the early steps of pattern drafting so you can have fun creating your own garments, without the work of drafting your own pattern block - let someone else do the hard work for you!

In this Masterclass, you'll learn how to manipulate darts, gathers, pleats, seam lines, princess seams, necklines, hems and more to create your very own bespoke patterns. Use these skills to dive in yourself, or watch some of the worked examples at the end of the class to get some practise in hacking a pattern from start to finish.

Where can I find this class?

If you're a Stitch School subscriber or you've previously purchased this class then you can find it here.

Sewing Level

This is a class for Confident Beginners and beyond.

Is there a pattern included in this online class?

Yes, the PDF pattern for the Giselle Dress is included in this class. This pattern is available in sizes 6-30. For more details on fabric requirements and sizing, please see the individual pattern product page.

What will I learn?

  • the principles of pattern hacking
  • how to find inspiration for pattern hacking
  • how to alter pattern details such as hems, necklines, darts, gathers, seam lines and more
  • six worked examples of how to turn the Giselle Dress into something completely different

How long is the class?

This class consists of 27 videos, the whole class is 3 hours, 40 minutes.

How long will I have access to this class?

If you buy this class outright then you’ll have access to it forever. If you subscribe to Stitch School then you’ll have access to the class for as long as your subscription is active.

Should I buy this class or subscribe to Stitch School?

If you'd like to have access to this class forever, and don't want to watch the other resources on Stitch School then it will be better to buy this class.

If you'd like to have access to the over 200 online classes and tutorials that are available on Stitch School for only £15 per month then it's more cost effective to subscribe.

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