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The Ultimate Guide to Sleeves

The Ultimate Guide to Sleeves

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This Workshop is all about sleeves! In the beginning of what will be a series of Workshops, we begin our deep dive into sleeves. First focusing on the changes you can make to a bodice to make it sleeved/sleeveless and then looking at how you can make almost any sleeve work with any bodice, so you can start making your own dream pattern combos.

Where can I find this class?

If you're a Stitch School subscriber or you've previously purchased this class then you can find it here.

Sewing Level

This class is taught by primo pattern cutter Julie, and she's doesn't shy away from some pattern maths, so it's aimed more towards a confident beginner/intermediate sewist rather than those just starting out. Although if you're happy to settle in with a cup of tea then anyone who likes a bit of sewing will find Julie's pattern knowledge infinitely interesting.

Is there a pattern included in this online class?

No, there is not a PDF pattern included in this class

What will I learn?

  • The anatomy of a sleeve
  • How to swap sleeves between pattern
  • How to change a pattern from sleeved to sleeveless and vice versa

How long is the class?

This class consists of 12 videos, the whole class is 2 hours long

How long will I have access to this class?

If you buy this class outright then you’ll have access to it forever. If you subscribe to Stitch School then you’ll have access to the class for as long as your subscription is active.

Should I buy this class or subscribe to Stitch School?

If you'd like to have access to this class forever, and don't want to watch the other resources on Stitch School then it will be better to buy this class.

If you'd like to have access to the over 200 online classes and tutorials that are available on Stitch School for only £15 per month then it's more cost effective to subscribe.

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