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How to sew a seam

How to sew a seam

This class is free, try it out on Stitch School.

Lets start with the very first step – sewing a seam! In this video Layla shows you each step that you need to go through when sewing a seam.

This is the first step in mastering sewing. Practise sewing a seam a few times and it’ll soon become second nature.

Where can I find this class?

If you're a Stitch School subscriber or you've previously purchased this class then you can find it here.

Sewing Level

This tutorial is for absolute beginners.

Is there a pattern included in this online class?

No, there is not a pattern included in this class.

What will I learn?

  • This class will teach you how to sew a seam on a sewing machine.

How long is the class?

This class is 4 minutes long.

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